Relax Massage (60 min)
This massage provides a greater body relaxation by combining up to five ancestral and modern techniques that create a unique experience.

Optimus Massage (90 min)
Comfort, tranquility, revitalization, and energy are just some of the benefits you will feel when you experience this personalized massage to meet the needs of your body.

Thai Massage (60 min)
Traditional and ancient massage based on Indian wisdom, which in addition to relaxing you, will bring you to a state of physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Sense Massage (75 min)
Rediscover your senses and stimulate your relaxation. This massage will balance your senses through touch and smell. Let yourself be pampered by a shower of aromatherapy that will captivate and detoxify body and soul.


Hydration Facial (50 min)
This treatment provides comfort, nutrition and hydration to the facial skin therefore providing a post-tan dermal recovery.

Cleansing Facial (50 min)
Deep cleansing treatment that restores radiance to your face and evens out skin tone, balancing your skin's pH. It also helps control excessive sebum secretion.

Depigmentation Facial (60 min)
This treatment helps the gradual depigmentation of the skin.

Micropeeling Facial (50 min)
A treatment that meets the most essential needs of the skin without radically altering the pH of the skin improving the tissue texture of the face.

Age –lifting Facial (50 min)
Rejuvenation treatment; facial and eye contour lifting with specific anti-aging products.

Revitalift Facial (50 min)
Treatment to restore the radiance and youth of the skin with ozone. Ideal for devitalized skin or with oxidation effects.


Hydration and aesthetic treatment of the skin and fingernails. Helps prevent tissue aging of hands and leaves them with a clean aesthetic.

Moisturizing and cleansing treatment for the skin and toenails. Deep exfoliation helps to super hydrate the skin of the feet.


Individual / Group Yoga Class (90 min)
Work on strength, balance, relaxation, and posture with one of the styles of our guided practices. Choose between a fluid practice like hatha yoga; align your chakras through a sequence of vinyasas or consciously work to release energy from your organs with a restorative yoga session. This is a private and personalized class where the instructor will focus on you and concentrate on specific areas you might want to work on so that you can get the most out of this session.


Yoga Retreat

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